Ritratti del conflitto

The historical review Zapruder announces a competition for its tenth birthday. Young photographers are invited to send images representing the conflict.
No money, but a chance to be published for the lucky winner and an exhibition in Rome, during the “birthday party” on 9th June.

The call will be closed on 15th May, and not on 25th Aprile, as written in the site.

Pride Photo Award

You see a woman with a baseball glove © Risk Hazenkamp, shown in last the Pride Photo Award 2010 http://www.bjp-online.com/british-journal-of-photography

What about trying to build an image more correct of gender diversity through a photo contest? There is definitely a strong need of it, I am just not so sure this is the right way.

Pride Photo Award thinks it is a good idea. And maybe they’re right.