Metamorphosis of Japan after the War. Photography 1945 – 1964

Tadahiko Hayashi Discharged soldiers, Shinagawa Station / Entlassene Soldaten, Bahnhof Shinagawa Tokyo 1946 © Yoshikatsu Hayashi

An exhibition on Japanese photography from 1945 to 1964 is currently running at the Museum für Fotografie in Berlin.

The exhibition will be open since Sunday 17th June 2012.

Aim of the curators is to show the role played by the photographs in reshaping the  country’s national identity after WWII.

Moving Dangerously – Women and travel 1850-1950

Campo coloniale in Libia
“Africa italiana”, n. 2-3, feb.-mar. 1940


Packing to leave for Newcastle, for an interesting (or so it seems…) conference on women and travel, 1850-1950.

I will analyse some pictures of Italian women in East Africa to reflect on the meaning that the Fascist regime accorded to their travelling and on the representation that it considered suitable for them as “agents of civilization”.