Lytro: a new technology for photos

Photographs record light. But there are different ways to do that. And apparently a new technology is able to record more information about the light in a scene: color, intensity and also vector direction of the rays. This means, among others elements, that pictures will not be a given and fixed data any more. You will be able to change focus, perspective and to shift from 2D to 3D AFTER having taken the photo.

This “magic” camera is called Lytro. I learned about it in ben’s blog.

Camera obscura. Histoire des techniques photo

A new, very interesting on line tool. I quote from the homepage: is a digital library on the history photographic techniques. Several thousand books public domain will be available soon online for free with the possibility of advanced research directly in the book content.


Travail et création artistique en régime numérique

A few links to Culture visuelle about the recent conference on “Travail et création artistique en régime numérique“, a reflexion on artistic work in the digital era.

Le prix d’un image, by Thierry Dehesdin.

Photographie(s) et numérique(s). Du singulier au plurier, by Sylvain Maresca.

Création en régime numérique, by André Gunthert.


And thanks to all the bloggers of Culturelle visuelle. Merci 🙂




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