Camera obscura. Histoire des techniques photo

A new, very interesting on line tool. I quote from the homepage: is a digital library on the history photographic techniques. Several thousand books public domain will be available soon online for free with the possibility of advanced research directly in the book content.


Photos Normandie and Bibliothèque de Cherbourg

I think you all know the project of Photos Normandie. An on line photographic collection working on “redocumentarisation” with “crowdsourcing”.

The Bibliothèque de Cherbourg-Octeville is the first external partner to join the project, uploading on the flickr page of Photos Normandie, her photos on WWII. Patrick Peccatte, involved in the project, tells more about it in its blog.

Sort by subject in Google images

Google has a implemented a new tool for image searching: Sort by subject. It is sort of a visual help, as it suggests some categories for the subjects you are looking for. For instance, for “Pluto”, I’ve got “Pluto planet”, “Pluto dog”, “Pluto god”. In italian, it was different, as it was: “Plutone pianeta”, “Plutone e Caronte”, “Plutone simbolo”, “Plutone divinità”, “Plutone e Proserpina”, “Plutone Ade”.

In fact it is already available in different languages, among which English, French, Spanish and Italian, and the results are dissimilar.

Patrick Peccatte talks about it in its blog, pointing out some good and some bad features.